Secure Collection Containers

Locked Storage Bins for Your Documents

Our secure collection bins provide an effective and secure solution for storing documents awaiting shredding.

Ensuring the safety of sensitive paperwork before its disposal is essential in every business operation. Our locked collection containers will ensure a seamless and compliant shredding process, offering your business a sense of security and confidentiality.

Secure collection console

Why Use Secure Collection Bins?

Secure collection bins are a crucial part of our comprehensive shredding services, offering businesses convenience and security. Our bins provide a secure holding area, reducing the risk of accidental losses or unauthorized access.

By integrating our bins with shredding services, businesses can ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient disposal process. This simplifies internal operations and reinforces your commitment to confidentiality, bolstering your reputation with clients and partners. Opting for our secure collection bins is a step towards better business operation and peace of mind.

We Offer Two Types of Secure Collection Containers for Your Office

Our process for shredding your hard drive and other digital media storage devices is meticulous and designed to ensure the absolute destruction of your data beyond any chance of recovery. This process is made up of four well-crafted steps designed to maximize the security and convenience for our clients.


Secure Collection Carts

Our shred carts are secure and heavy duty. They are perfect for larger volume collection. Available in a grey color, they blend seamlessly into the workplace environment. Shred bins are typically placed in strategic locations such as the information systems room, copy room, under stairwells, or in a central office location for ease of collection.



Shred consoles provide a locking, attractive piece of furniture to enhance any office setting. They seamlessly blend security with aesthetics, offering a stylish solution to safeguard confidential information. Often, they are used as table tops for copiers, fax machines, or water coolers, adding to their utility. These multifold benefits make our shred consoles ideal for offices that value security without compromising style and functionality.

Our Secure Collection Containers

An image of a secure collection container bin

64 Gallon Shred Bin

Capacity: 200-250lbs of paper

Dimensions: 40.18”H x 23.25”W x 29.31”D

An image of a secure collection container bin

95 Gallon Shred Bin

Capacity: 300-350lbs of paper

Dimensions: 46”H x 27”W x 34”D

An image of a secure collection container console

Executive Console

Capacity: 100lbs of paper

Dimensions: 40”H x 19.5”W x 19”D

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