Frequently Asked Questions

The Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to take off the paper clips?

No!  There is no need to remove paper clips, staples, clasps in folders or rubber bands. Our shredding machines can easily handle these materials without any issues.

How much does it cost?

Consoles are provided at no charge to you. Purges or bulk clean-outs are typically charged by the hour. Secure Console Service (regularly scheduled service) is typically charged by the console depending on the number and size of the consoles, as well as frequency and the labor involved in the collection (i.e. stairs).

What types of material can I put in the console/bin?

You may put in all types of office paper, sticky notes, index cards, computer binders, entire files (with clasps), and carbon/NCR forms.

Do you issue a "Certificate of Destruction"?

Yes, upon completion, i shred can issue you a “Certificate of Destruction.”  However, a Certificate of Destruction does not transfer the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the materials to the contractor.  If private information surfaces after the vendor accepts it, the court is bound to question the process by which the particular contractor was selected.  Any company not showing due diligence in their selection of a contractor that is capable of providing the necessary security could be found negligent.  Be smart.  Be secure.  Choose i shred!

Is there anything I shouldn't discard?

You should not discard any kitchen or bathroom trash, medical paraphernalia or hardback books. Also, certain documents, such as birth certificates, social security cards, and current tax documents, should be kept rather than discarded. In addition, it’s crucial to maintain records that establish identity, prove ownership, or show paid debts. Always ensure to thoroughly review before shredding to prevent the destruction of important documents.

Our shredding also only allows documents and hard drives for shredding, so please refrain from including batteries or other non-paper items in the shred bins.

Do you have bins we could borrow as we clean out our files?

Yes, we can provide you with locking bins. We also offer our regularly scheduled clients locking consoles for their offices free of charge.

What should I destroy?

Competitors, hackers, identity thieves, and conspiring employees are always on the lookout for valuable information. To safeguard your business, it is crucial to dispose of the following types of documents:

  • Obsolete tax/bank records
  • Marketing/sales strategies
  • Customer lists
  • Price lists
  • Sales statistics
  • Bid proposals
  • Correspondence
  • Memos
  • Meeting minutes
  • Contracts
  • Inventory lists
  • Tax records
  • Outdated business records
  • Personnel files
  • Cancelled or blank checks
  • Old love letters
  • Medical files
  • Misprinted materials
  • Internal restructuring plans

Properly disposing of confidential documents is crucial for protecting your business and family from potential threats. Ensure the security of your sensitive information and safeguard what matters most to you.

Do you recycle?

YES. Our shredded paper is taken to a recycling plant. Each ton of recycled office-grade paper saves 12 trees. Paper that is not recycled makes up nearly 45 percent of landfill waste.

Why should we use an on-site service rather than a less expensive off-site service?

SECURITY! Allowing a company or individual to take your documents off-site puts you at risk of losing control over them. Despite that, you are still legally responsible for the information contained within those documents. While off-site companies may offer lower costs, they often profit from recycling your scrap paper.

To effectively manage records, it is crucial for a company to securely dispose of outdated and confidential documents. Government, business, and industry sectors are increasingly adopting secure document destruction practices to avoid potential risks. Many organizations now prefer to retain control over their private and sensitive documents rather than entrusting them to waste haulers, recyclers, or off-site shredding companies. Ultimately, the main focus should be on security. Let i shred provide you with secure on-site document destruction services.

Why use a shredding service instead of in-house shredders?

i shred saves time, manpower and money.  Mobile document destruction eliminates the noise, dust, cost and inconvenience of in-house shredders.  And, because most employees intensely dislike shredding, they postpone the task, thereby jeopardizing in-house security procedures for document destruction. In addition, utilizing a company like i shred, with a service agreement, shows government agencies that you have a process and plan to ensure confidential information in your possession is being properly destroyed.

Can you destroy hard drives and electronic devices?

Yes. We can destroy DVDs/CDs, smartphones, tablets, storage disk, and X-rays, in addition to hard drives and other electronics. A certificate of destruction is also provided with this service.

Where do you shred the documents?

We shred all documents at your location in our modified trucks built by leaders in the industry. You are always welcome to watch our team destroy your documents and sensitive items.

Do you offer residential services?

We do. i shred can come to your residence and shred your items. Simply call the office to schedule at your convenience.

Let i shred provide you with secure on-site document destruction.

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